President Speaks

Dear Colleagues,

At the outset I would like to laud the efforts made by all the previous presidents and members of the CGCTA and I would like to thank all the members in contributing and putting the trust on us.
We are at the juncture of major change and this onslaught of change beckons the responsibility on societies’ first contributors (i.e. Us the teachers). With the collaborative mind brainstorming and group cohesiveness. All of us are most certainly bound for influencing major change in the system.
I call, upon all like minded forces, barring any cadre, group or affiliation to come forward and contribute in building India’s most modern city beautiful Chandigarh into an International hub for education, research and leadership building.
I wish all the members active participation and Godspeed.

(Amar Preet Singh)
GCCBA, Sector-50, Chandiagrh